We believe that empowering women strengthens the entire community.

Our core values include:

Access to healthcare and reproductive rights; opportunity through jobs and education; political strength through voting and support of candidates; feminism and civil rights for all; violence prevention and intervention; support of families, elderly and children; access to information; and a safe and protected natural environment.

 Due to Covid-19, our meetings are now held on the Zoom platform at www.zoom.us

Meeting ID 811-9643-7878

Contact us at MADWomenTFDW@gmail.com to receive emails and reminders of meetings. We hope you will join us!

Thank you for donating through the PayPal link above.  We also accept donations via Venmo @Jeanne-Guidi, or contact us at MADWomenTFDW@gmail.com.

MADWomen is a tax-exempt organization registered with the IRS and all of our work is accomplished with unpaid volunteers. Our needs are modest and a small donation goes a long way to help us support women in West Tennessee.

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