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The 2023 Sue Shelton White Scholarship

The Application period for the 2023 Scholarship is now closed.  Good luck to all who applied!

The scholarship is open to women who are nontraditional students residing within the West Tennessee counties of Madison, Lake, Obion, Weakley, Henry, Gibson, Dyer, Benton, Carroll, Haywood, Lauderdale, Crockett, Henderson, Chester, Decatur, Hardin, McNairy, Hardeman, Fayette, and Tipton.






A nontraditional student is one who did not immediately continue her education after graduating from high school or receiving her GED, or a student who is returning to college after a break in post-secondary enrollment. For purposes of this scholarship, weighted consideration will be given to the applicant who also meets the following financial and family status standards:

  • Works full- or part-time while enrolled in school

  • Is financially independent from her parents or guardian (as defined by tax status)

  • Has dependents other than a spouse (usually children but may also be a caregiver of sick or elderly family members)

The winner will be chosen anonymously from the pool of applicants by a designated committee. The scholarship is designed to assist women who want to complete their education while also managing the demands of work and family. Donations to the 2023 Sue Shelton White Scholarship Fund can be made at the MADW website:  

2020 marked the 100th anniversary of the passage of the historic 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which guarantees women the right to vote.  MADW's Sue Shelton White Scholarship was established in August of 2019 to honor "Miss Sue", who played a pivotal role in that fight.  After passage of the amendment, she returned to college, earned her law degree and became the first woman attorney to practice in Jackson, TN.

Funds for the scholarship have been raised from MADW members and through donations from caring individuals across West Tennessee.  MADW is grateful to all who donated to this significant scholarship.    

Please contact us at to donate to our scholarship program.

MADWomen is a tax-exempt organization registered with the IRS and all of our work is accomplished with unpaid volunteers. Our needs are modest and a small donation goes a long way to help us support women in West Tennessee.

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